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    Providing Wealth Management Services to Clients Throughout Dartmouth, MA, and the Surrounding Areas

    Learn more about Southcoast Financial Group’s wealth management services and plan for your future by attending an event. We host workshops across MA and RI in events around the Dartmouth, MA area, providing advice to clients on how to make the most of their retirement.

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    If you or someone you know might be interested in joining our webinar from the comfort of your home, please see below for a list of available dates and times.

    Make the Most of Your Retirement

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    These events are designed to:

    • Help you clarify your financial goals. You will learn more about how to handle wealth management, create a solid financial plan, and otherwise how to safely and successfully pursue your goals.
    • Provide advice on how to prepare for retirement. You deserve to have a retirement you’ll love. At an event, you can learn more about how to create effective retirement plans, keep your existing finances safe through things such as asset protection, and more.
    • Guide you through potential financial hurdles you may face once retiring. There are many challenges you may face upon retirement. Learn how to face them effectively.

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